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14 hours ago, 1912Staver said:

There are many cars that even if a shell are still going to be restored........Greg in Canada

And old English "Sports" Cars. Back in 2008 came across a very rusty cut up chassis, with front and rear axles and engine for a '21 Vauxhall. The  engine and parts were found on a farm near the Murray River about 300+ miles south of Sydney. The engine had been used to power a pump and the rear part of the frame was used as a farm trailer, but no body panels or fenders remained. The parts were going to be shipped to England for a very demanding restoration. Pic's of the engine attached.

21 Vauxhall Engine.JPG

21 Vauxhall Engine2.JPG

21 Vauxhall Engine3.JPG

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Yes indeed !  Type E and OE Vauxhalls along with any pre RR Bentleys can be and are restored from the most fragmentary remains.. Vauxhalls have a definite resonance with me. Way back when my wife and I had just purchased our first house a Vauxhall project came on the 

local market. Said to be a OE 30 - 98  , although I must admit at the time I didn't know enough about them to tell a 30 - 98 from a 23 - 60. The OE part was obvious enough. With a substantial mortgage just undertaken the Vauxhall was of course impossible. The project was 

sold back to England and within a few years returned to drivable condition. 

 Vauxhall encounter #2 was a few years ago. A local vintage car guru was selling a Vauxhall  OE 23 - 60 on behalf of a local owner { car came from Australia as an inheritance } . It had been restored a couple of decades previously in the style of a 30 - 98 , with a shortened WB to match .

It was still in very nice condition however the engine needed fairly major attention. Once again finances were a obstacle I could not overcome. The price was actually very reasonable , but still enough that I could not manage it. As is usually the case it too was sold back to the U.K.

I doubt I will ever get a third chance.

A few photo's of the second one. It was for sale here on the forum in I think 2016.  As you can probably tell it still haunts me.


Greg in Canada




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