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1990 Reatta Select 60 for Sale

Barney Eaton

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This car is not mine.......I am posting it for the widow of the owner.   The owner was a Dr. in Flint and had a connection with Buick.

He purchased the car new, via a Buick connection.   The widow says it has 30K miles and is presently at their winter home in Boyton Beach FL.

She will be there until April and at this time does not know if she will ship it back to Michigan.

The vin is 1G4EC33C0LB904083 (second SS60 built) Ed Mertz had the first build. The car has been maintained by the Flint Buick dealer and always garaged.   

I am posting this to help the widow sell the car.   She did not know where to start.    She did not have a firm price but gave me a number that

seem quite reasonable for a 30k mile Reatta convertible.

She is reluctant to post the car herself because she does not want to deal with tire kickers.   If you have a real interest,  give me a call and I can

tell you what I know and put you in touch with her.

Sorry that I do not have photos but this is no derelict.....   call me 512-869-5114 or send PM

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Exactly just hard to spend any time within 5 miles of the Atlantic and not be exposed to salt air. I tend to look at the Alternator first and if crusty then go further.

Believe it of don't, that is part of the reason I live in Orlando after growing up on the coast.

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