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1912 Lancia/SGV owner

Glenn Gould

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I have what I believe to be a 1912 SGV 4-cylinder roadster. It has been in our family for many years. However, I have found very little information on SGVs.

At the same time the SGV was acquired we had a 1909 Lancia imported by Hol-tan. Mechanically the SGV was very similar to the Lancia. The cylinder block on the Lancia differed slightly from the SGV's.

I don't know what model the Lancia was.  It was sold and I understand it went to Europe.

The SGV's water pump is in the timing gear case. It leaked badly, but a new shaft and modern seal seemed to cure the problem. We also put a check valve in the oil line so we did not have to prime it.

I have only seen one other SGV in person. It was owned by a gentleman living on the the north shore of Massachusetts.  The engine mounts were broken on that car and he had rigged a steel contraption to support the engine.

I would like find out which Lancia model the my SGV is based on.


Glenn Gould .






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