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Variations in 1928 Chrysler Model 72 Doors


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28 Chrysler may be right, that it could have been a mid year change, but it is not only the 1928 model 72 roadsters, that had this "added" color panel on the doors, I had 2 different 1928 Chrysler 52 touring cars, one had a body like this one below, with a single waist molding along the side of the body1924-chrysler-phaeton-touring-sedan-3.jpg.8fd72b11e726451682717f0d921b0d1a.jpg


The other one had the interesting color panels on both front and rear doors and across the centre pillar like the following picture.790440428_ch70top3.jpg.37855ed12e73befa8bd5060348d921df.jpg


Note that the above pictures are 6cyl cars just for reference and to show the differences. They are not the ones I owned.


 Chrysler often changed designs and parts  during production and I doubt we will ever know for sure, why or when these changes occured.



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