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dents from the factory

benjamin j

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For anyone wanting to do a 100 percent faithful restoration, I would think that factory dents would be a priority.

I know we've all seen others agonize over grease pencil marks, grease pencil colors and whatnot so why wouldn't factory dents be included?

We've also seen the tendency to over-restore a car.

Smoothing out the frame in areas that are supposed to be rough, etc.


I think it's a worthy question, especially on trucks and larger equipment.




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When I worked in GM and Chrysler dealerships (1959-1973) there were NO dents or misaligned chrome on any vehicle when it was delivered to the purchaser.  We spent many hours and dollars fixing dents and other faults that came from the factory or were incurred on the way to the dealership. We even had a Chrysler V8 that would hardly run to get in to the shop.  Timing was off and it had two different makes of spark plugs in three heat ranges.  We also spent time and money fixing dents that were in cars that purchasers had picked up at the factory.

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