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1962 Dynamic 88 Dashboard lights


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I pulled the speedometer out from my 62' Olds to have it repaired.  While it was out, I was wondering about replacing the light bulbs.


1.  The socket and bulb which illuminate the Hydramatic gear selector position are missing.  Someone previously cut the wire and taped it. Does anyone know if the bulb and socket are the generic bulb and socket for most 1960s GM cars?


2.  The dashboard indicator lights are run off a printed circuit.  The sockets simply plug into the back of the instrument cluster, and the bulb has what I believe is called a wedge base.  Is it possible to replace these bulbs with a compatible LED wedge base bulb for brighter light?


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There are a bazillion LED replacement bulbs for the 194 format. Get the ones with LED elements on the sides, not the ones that only have elements that shine straight out the top. The cluster is designed for an incandescent bulb that radiates light in all directions. The straight-out style LEDs will create a "hot spot" directly in front of the bulb but will not project light sideways into the housing. Also, these LED bulbs are usually polarity sensitive. If they don't light, turn the holder around in the hole.

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