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1940 Buick Front Fender Park Turn signal


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Ok, I finally got a pair of front fender park/turn signal lights but I need some info if possible


In the picture provided the arrows point to what appears to be a *lens* that sits before the bulb

I'm needing to know if this piece is needed/required for proper operation (light visibility), does if focus the light and if it is needed

where can I find replacement pieces. One of these *lenses* was completely shattered and if it is needed for the light to function properly

then I need to replace it. The image is obviously the good one and as stated in the image one side is flat and the other convex

Front side is convex, back side is flat


Any help is greatly appreciate



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When you say it reminds you of a lens in a lighthouse, you are exactly right.  It's a "fresnel" lens that concentrates the light from the bulb.  In '41, they went to a plastic version, and reproductions are available from Bob's Automobilia.  I'm sorry I don't know of a source for the '40 version.

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