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WTB: water pump and coupling for 1935-1937 President/Commander 8 - FOUND!


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I finally came to the conclusion that I have a 1934 water pump for my 1937 engine, so I want to buy a correct one.  The 1935-1937 pump mounts on the side of the block, as earlier ones, but had a port on top for return flow from the head when the thermostat is closed.  The part number for the complete pump is 184113, but the body casting number is close to 184105.  I'd also like to get a complete water pump-to-generator coupling that has the two flex discs, especially the small flange that goes on the 9/16" dia pump shaft.  I've already ordered new flex discs from John Cislak, and I have the bypass pipe.  Here is a photo of Tom Lewis' 1935 engine showing the correct pump and coupling.  These were used in 1935-37 President engines and also in the 1935 Commander 8.  What have you got?

water pump-Tom Lewis 1935.jpg

water pump 1937 diagram.png

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It only took two months, but a correct water pump was found and delivered.   Thanks, Chris Piazza!


Chris pulled pump off a 1935 parts car.  It arrived with 85 years of grease and mud attached, but that's how it usually is with parts that old, no complaints.  I gave it a good power washing, scraped most of the gunk off, and now I'm trying to disassemble it.  I got the three screws out of the cover, but the cover is on there good and tight.  The two grease caps came out easy enough.  I had to saw the hose clamps off because the screws were rusted tight into the nuts.  The packing nut doesn't want to turn, either, so it's all getting soaked with PB Blaster for a few days.  Maybe a little application of the flame wrench will be needed.  I'll need to go carefully because I sure don't want to break anything.



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