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1929 - 1936 & 1937 - 1942 NEW Master Cylinders

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A lot of people know, but not everyone....

I have reproduced the

1929 - 1936 Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, and Plymouth Master Cylinder --

    Brand New, New Fresh Guts, New Fresh Housing, NO CORE Required....  &

The 1937 - 1942 Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, and Plymouth Master Cylinder --

    Brand New, New Fresh Guts, New Fresh Housing, NO CORE Required.

***** Special Pricing ***** for prior to 2 - 14 - 2020 purchase....


Also have wheel cylinders, brake hoses, BRAKE SHOES (10" & 11"), and 

Some Hub & Drum Assemblies....


Call anytime -- Call now -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935......New York....

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Can you briefly summarize what the difference is that distinguishes early from late?   Sooooo many listings of these parts for sale cross over that '36 to '37 dividing point.  


I'm having absolute FITS getting good brakes on my '35 Dodge convert with everything new, including a Raybestos #544 MC that said it fit "across the years" and so many models and trucks.  My diagnosis is that this later style MC must has a smaller bore and so I'm not getting enough volume of fluid out to my cylinders.  With ideal adjustments at the wheels my pedal is very near the floor and not really firm.




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It is a Cut and Dry listing -- except on the internet, where confusion and misinformation reign.

1929 - 1936 and 1937 - 1942 are VERY different Master cylinders;

Different mounting Pattern first and foremost !!!! So one is very very wrong, and the other is very very right.... One can not make a mistake.....


The mistake you , unfortunately made, is if you read the MC544 box -- it is made in China -- and the quality control on the Chineseum world leaves much to be desired. They "spit them out".  They work on boatloads, volume;

And they don't really care if they have defects, they don't look for defects, and don't test them.... No time for that .... It is like I Love Lucy on the chocolate factory assembly line, if you are familiar with that episode!!!!


I reproduced mine over 20 years ago --- long before there was a Chineseum world --- and have been offering mine these entire decades.....

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Hi Wayne,

   Got your message.... Might call you late morning tomorrow -- don't want to promise... Australian Open Men's Final at 3:30 A.M. -- Novak Djokovic versus Dominic Thiem.... Want to watch -- need a nap now...

   Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday -- and I have a few things I must get done....

   Will call you tomorrow late morning maybe .... Or Monday .... Due to time constraints.....

        Yours, Craig.....

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  Absolutely, here or email me at


I don't have a computer -- but I have this tablet -- and it works!!

Since I don't have a computer, I can't have pay pal -- but my friend lets me use his account, for international purchases -- that is really the only way to do that....

I just sent some brake shoes to New Zealand, that way, last week....


   So, yes, for a 1938 Plymouth P6 brakes:

I have the Master Cylinder Brand New , the Wheel Cylinders Brand New, the Brake Hoses new and fresh rubber, the Brake Shoes, and even Front & Rear Brand New HUBS & DRUMS (Expensive and HEAVY !!!!!!)

         Yours, Craig

Incidentally, everything is new , with NO core charges, NO return shipping ---- that is critical for you -- I don't need anything sent back !!!!!!

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Narve N,

    At this moment in time, I do not have new-fangled equipment to be able to take pictures.   I am an old school dinosaur that does car shows.  I don't even have a computer .... I have this tablet now -- and maybes, one of my friends will show me if and how I can do that ?!?!?!?

   In the meantime, the 1929 - 1936 Master Cylinder has a triangular shaped -- 3 hole bolt / mounting Pattern -- with a square top with 6 bolts on top.

    The 1937 - 1942 Master Cylinder has a simply tubular pattern where the "guys" are -- and mounts from 2 holes, along the frame rail down below....

    Hope this helps --- I can't add pictures -- I would have to enlist the aid of a friend..... Not immediately.......      Yours, Craig.

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   Just spotting this --- and you were smart enough to just simply call me---

And at 7:00 on a Saturday night, I answered on the first ring....

   Pretty awesome, EH ??  I would bet you won't  get an answer from anyone else on the planet  at 7:00 on a Saturday night, on the first ring...


   Now, if you only have the $$$... call when you do..... Yours, Craig....

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