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Looking for Electric Cars for a show in May

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On May 16, 2020 in Wilbraham, MA, we are having the fourth running of the Hill Climb re-enactment. There is a group from the VSCCA that runs a timed event up the 'mountain' re-enacting the 1908 event. We usually have an antique car show that compliments the hill climb. To change it up a little, we are putting together an electric car show and would like to feature electric cars from the past along with the modern electrics. Just browsing some of the postings, I didn't realize how many electrics there were in the very early 1900s, and did not realize that Rauch and Lang was built in Chicopee Falls at the Stevens Duryea plant for a while!

If any of you are interested in bringing a car, operating or not, please contact me. We'd really love to have you here!

Wayne Thresher, wapathre@charter.net

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Well, the pandemic got in the way of the last event, but it is going to be held this year, May 13, 2023, in Wilbraham MA. Check out WilbrahamHillClimb.org  There is also a link in the event you want to compete (timed run uphill, paved road, one car at a time).

As above, please contact me at wapathre@charter.net if you are interested in showing your early electric / hybrid vehicle!


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