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Looking for Electric Cars for a show in May

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On May 16, 2020 in Wilbraham, MA, we are having the fourth running of the Hill Climb re-enactment. There is a group from the VSCCA that runs a timed event up the 'mountain' re-enacting the 1908 event. We usually have an antique car show that compliments the hill climb. To change it up a little, we are putting together an electric car show and would like to feature electric cars from the past along with the modern electrics. Just browsing some of the postings, I didn't realize how many electrics there were in the very early 1900s, and did not realize that Rauch and Lang was built in Chicopee Falls at the Stevens Duryea plant for a while!

If any of you are interested in bringing a car, operating or not, please contact me. We'd really love to have you here!

Wayne Thresher, wapathre@charter.net

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