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How Do You Find Past Award Winners From 2010 to 2019?


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If he car has a National Award Plaque on it, provide the year won and the number on the plaque, along with the year won date that is on the plaque.  If it wasn't too recent, I have an awards book that was published by AACA until a few years ago.  The book listed all winners back to 1957.  Single year booklets have been sent with the December Antique Automobile magaizine since then.

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I photograph a lot of cars at shows and often use this online link to ID them or to see which award they received.



Knowing the class they're shown in also helps. The HPOF, DPC and Competition Judged Classes 

begin on page 96 of Judging Guidelines pdf, which is also Section 4, page 3.



You have your answer, but this is just another way to see what's happened at shows since 2010.



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