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Suitable rumble compartment panel covering- 1931 Buick

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Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can use to duplicate the grain pattern found on 1931 Buick kick panels, golf door trim and rumble compartment trim panels?  Pictured below are a couple of samples, first  is modern smooth black vinyl which would not be correct, second is a shot of what is left of the original golf door trim.  As you can see the modern stuff has very little texture where the original material on the golf door trim has a long grain pattern.  Last there is a link to a sample of Haartz vinyl top material which is a thin vinyl with a long grain pattern on a light canvas substrate, there is no padding. 




Modern material lacks the long grain.




Original golf door material- note the long grain




DLT Upholstery Supplies carries Haartz Landau V 848 vinyl top material that appears to have a similar long grain.  Click the link to view.




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