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Your post for this might work better under general discussion.  Have you contacted the AACA library for info as I'd suggested earlier?


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@rjp sorry for not replying. I don't always think to check in this section, as we receive most questions via email or over the phone. I did check, and the AACA Library does have information on the 1917 Dort. However, it's dependent on what type of information you are looking for. 


We have two pieces of factory sales literature - a 26 page catalog and a double-sided specifications sheet. There are also two pages of specs from the Lester-Steele Handbook of Automobile Specifications, and this is likely a file on Dort in the Dunwoodie Archive (which, depending on the contents, may include copies of period trade journal articles, historical articles, appraisal notes, letters of correspondence on history and/or photographs.


If you would like to purchase copies of any of this, please send me a direct message or call the AACA Library at 717-534-2082. If you are an AACA member, please have your membership number handy so that this will count to your 1.5 hours of free research with the library. You would only pay for copies and shipping & handling. 


Thanks and best regards,

Matthew Hocker

Assistant Librarian

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