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Mirror replacement Mid 20" Buick


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My rear view mirror had a small chip in it, and was missing a significant portion of the reflector around the edges.  The mirror is 2” x 5” x ¼” thick.  I called numerous glass shops and none would cut a mirror of ¼” thickness and that narrow.  I did not ask if they would go slow using a saw.  I bought a 5 pack of 3 ½” x 5 x ¼” pocket mirrors on Ebay for $13.  They would have good polished sides and if I cut the glass, I could put the unpolished side on the top where it is not noticed.   Using a wet saw, this is the process that I went thru.

-          Set up a wet saw with a fence to control the cut width.  My mirror is actually 1 31/32 wide and there is not a lot of room for error with the original mirror holder design.

-          Protect around the cut on both sides with masking tape.  Protect the silvered backing with masking tape so that the saw table does not scratch it from vibration. 

-          The mirror needs to slide smoothly and easily on the table.  You have to go very slowly to minimize chipping of the glass edge by the wet saw.  

-          You have to cut “into” the glass, so before finishing the cut, you have to turn the piece over and cut into the opposite side to prevent the edge from chipping out.

-          After cutting, you have to put a slight bevel on the edge.  This removes the minor chips as well.  I used a blade sharpening stone to bevel and polish the edge.



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