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1955 buick turn signal switch


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Not particularly hard to rewire. I did my '54 a couple of years ago for the same reason. The insulation was cracking off of several of the wires right where it exited the column. There's 7 or 8 wires to deal with and fishing them back through the column was probably more aggravating than the rest of the job. The original is a "ribbon cable" with all of those wires side by side stuck together in a flat "ribbon".  Not sure if there's anybody making that particular harness, I couldn't find one at the time. I made up my own sticking with the factory color code laying out each length of wire side by side on a wide piece of tape. 

Photos are not mine, but what I used for reference.





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6 hours ago, demon452 said:

Perfect. Easy enough. Mine are cracked right before the come out of the column. Just didn't know how the switch itself was. Haven't taken apart yet. Thanks for the info.



Repair what you have if possible.  I "thought" I had a bad switch on one of mine (turned out to be 2 bad new fuses!).  Anyhow I cleaned and took apart the collar with switch from a parts car.  It appears the actual switch has split brass studs protruding with the wires clamped in the splits.  I saw no way to duplicate that attachment and soldering would be tedious if it worked at all.  I have that (tested) switch with collar with only two of the wires on the free end with small cracks.  Contact by PM if interested; pictures if desired.

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