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need flange for water pump rag joint, '34-'37 President


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Does anyone have a spare flange to go on the 9/16" dia. water pump shaft to mate with the rag joint coupling to the generator, p/n 181726?  The bore has a 5/32" wide keyseat.  I'd make one of these but I have no way to broach a keyseat.  These were used on 1934-37 Presidents that had the water pump on the side of the block.  The part looks sort of like the computer drawing below.  The two 1/4" dia holes are 2-1/4" apart.  Was there a set screw to lock the flange in position on the shaft; the end at the generator has a steel pin that goes through the shaft there.


Also, is anyone supplying the rubberized canvas disks?  I know I can make some from 1/4" rubber belts or tire sidewalls, but it would be easier to buy them, if available.


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