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Unusual finds at neighborhood yard sale

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 In the very first photo, the plastic tub at the lower right side has five small lanterns with a bail. These are called "skaters lanterns" and were used by ice skaters back in the day. My wife has collected a number of these. Usually worth $50-$75 each depending on condition. Ones with clear globes are common but ones with blue, green or red globes are harder to find.

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9 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Just looking at this now.  We had a huge collection of RR lanterns years ago, now gone.  Lump the colored globe, if authentic is valuable even in the more common red.  Etching vs. Embossing makes me question the authenticity though, as you mention early on.  Dad still tracks values, if you don't already have a clue I will ask.  Could be a couple hundy, maybe more not sure.  Its all about the RR line and color. I doubt the lantern is a repro, some value there as well.  Amazing how many of these seemed to have found their way off the RR into barns, basements and closets over the years..

Thanks, Steve. I am certainly interested to learn anything I can about these neat old lamps. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 

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1 hour ago, 1914Princess said:


this is the best drawing, photo I can find. It is a small car and cycle cars did use motorcycle components, so maybe the lights are from a motorcycle 


MUCH better image, 1914princess. Neat car! I definitely don't have any lights like those. Ask Terry Bond. He is our resident brass light authority. 

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On 1/26/2020 at 3:07 PM, lump said:

Yeah, I've had a few of those old nickel-plated SOLAR lamps in the past...and should have kept them. This one is marked "IMPEX," which is a brand I'm not familiar with. It's in pretty good shape, except for a dented rim around that front glass lens. The bracket still has nice spring tension too. 

Impex 4 forums 1.jpg

Impex 4 forums 2.jpg

Impex 4 forums 3.jpg

Impex 4 forums 4.jpg

Impex 4 forums 5.jpg

Impex 4 forums 6.jpg

Impex 4 forums 7.jpg

That's a bicycle lamp. A lot of those still work.

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On 1/26/2020 at 4:01 PM, lump said:

Next light is probably a wall-mount lantern. It is stamped on the top with the name: "Luck-E-Lite," and "Embury Manufacturing Company, Warsaw, New York". It has the letters, "US" stenciled onto the globe. Is that original? I don't know. But the original paint seems to be somewhere between a faded gray or a shade of olive drab. How do I know that it is the original paint? There are the remnants of a water-based decal on the front surface of the steel cap, with that same "Luck-E-Lite" name barely discernable. 


I have no idea if it is special or not. But it's all there, unbroken, with font, etc, intact. And I liked it. So it came home along with the rest. 



Luck-E-Lite 4 forums 1.jpg

Luck-E-Lite 4 forums 2.jpg

Luck-E-Lite 4 forums 3.jpg

Luck-E-Lite 4 forums 4.jpg

Luck-E-Lite 4 forums 5.jpg

Steaming lamp for a boat. What we call a stern lamp today.

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On 1/26/2020 at 3:20 PM, lump said:

I found this next light to be really intriguing. It's a steel Dietz unit...apparently a tail lamp (no bail, and not even a place for one). It is painted olive drab, which makes me think of military use. I WONDER if there is any possibility that this lamp could have been original equipment on a WWI military vehicle...such as an ambulance or such. 


Does anyone have any input on that possibility, or other thoughts? 

Dietz military 4 forums 1.jpg

Dietz military 4 forums 2.jpg

Dietz military 4 forums 3.jpg

Dietz military 4 forums 4.jpg

Dietz military 4 forums 5.jpg

Early tail lamp. Many states like New York passed laws requiring them around 1905.

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One day the mailman came by and said "there is 1932 Ford Roadster for sale in a yard sale a few blocks away".

Not suspecting the mailman knew the differemce  between a 32 Ford Roadster and a  pedal car, I checked it out

Interesting yard sale, but no 32 Ford Roadster, but here was a Ford Roadster.  Dirty and not runing and $3500.

I bought a Hess GMC Training Coach (GMC FWD Motor home) like ours, $3.00 and the  "Ford Roadster"

Scroll down..................













Turned out it needed new computer module for the 1978 Shay Model A 1929 Roadster Replicar.  Plus a lot of 

detailing.   I repainted thee Hess GM to match ours.  Sold the Shay for a big profit.   It looked cute but was to

light weight to ride anywhere except at the top of the Pinto springs.   A automatic transmission and a worse

ride than a real Model A. 


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On 1/26/2020 at 4:04 PM, lump said:

These Adlake units were the only "pair" I found in his tubs. I know they're not brass, and thus not fabulously valuable or desirable. But to me they are cool. And it's always nice to have a pair. They seem to be in great shape, except someone has drilled a hole in the bottom of the font of one of them...presumably to electrify it. Unfortunate. 😞

Adlake pair 4 forums 1.jpg

Adlake pair 4 forums 2.jpg

Adlake pair 4 forums 4.jpg

Adlake pair 4 forums 5.jpg

These were used on my 1925 White Truck. I would be interested if you decide to sell them Lump. Dandy Dave!

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This new factory was a stones throw, maybe two from the Dobins plant where Elcars were assembled at the corner of Michigan street and Beardsley, Adams Westlake was on Michigan st. and I think they still sell the reproduced lamps from the original tooling. Had an Uncle work for Adams and Westlake and two for Elcar. They lived right around the corner on Crawford St


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That is a great collection of lamps both the automotive and lanterns. I have never owned any brass era cars but a few years ago I bought a collection of brass headlamps from the car museum that was closing at Stone Mountain GA. The lamps are a sort of artwork so the money paid really does not matter if you like the items.


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Hope this isn't drifting too far off topic. This came out of my grandparents store in Waterbury Center Vt when they sold it in the mid 60's. They said it was a lamp used on the Waterbury to Stowe Stagecoach. Any info appreciated - sorry for the pix but right now I am concentrating on the Bills Ravens game.    Thanks  Glass doors are 6 X 7 - height is 22 inches



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