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1933 v12 convertibile sedan

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I have the diagram at the shop, I will be back in Monday and will post it then.........I know most of the Pierce V-12 cars, which one did you buy? How about a photo? What series is it? Factory or LeBaron?

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VERY nice, but it looks like a convertible coupe to me.


If you're not already a member of the Pierce-Arrow Society (PAS), please join as the PAS is one of the most helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly single-marque clubs.  Check us out at www.pierce-arrow.org


In the Member's Section (you have to be a member to gain access), we have the last two year's Service Bulletins  (in-depth tech info, 6 issues per year) for free download, a Message Board like these forums where you can get your questions answered in near-real time by knowledgeable people, free download of owners' manuals, and The Emporium (cars and parts for sale and wanted).

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To expand on Grimy’s comment, as a member you can also purchase a CD that has ALL of the PAS service bulletins going back to the early 1960’s in a searchable PDF format. As a new owner of a 31 they have been quite helpful in getting mine back together.


One thing I would go looking for first is grounding issues with your lights, being restored at some point I would expect new wiring has been installed. If not, I would suggest a new harness which is a bit of work, but will lessen your chasing the dreaded gremlins around.


Good luck, it’s a beautiful looking car!

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