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Right hand mirror for 71 Riviera


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Hello Riv lovers.  I am trying to find a right hand mirror for my 71 Riviera.  ( I cannot find any information to indicate if this was an available factory option)  Any suggestions on a right hand Riviera or Buick Mirror that will match (or come close) the left mirror?  Thanks


David Baker

#14360 ROA

Driv Rear Quarter.jpg

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71-72 Riviera Right Hand non-remote control Door Mirror: Buick Part number: 9 8 1 7 2 4

According to my parts manual, I don't see a R/H door mirror as an optional part specifically for 1973 Riviera (E body/9000 series)


71-73 "All E" Left or Right door mirror gasket: Buick Part Number: 9 8 2 9 6 7 1

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As Steve and Mike posted, they are rare but do come available now and then.


A few years ago I ran across a guy on ebay that had some reproduction mirrors, he had both the left remote and the right manual. The mirror itself was almost an exact match, but the base was a bit different than the originals.


Sorry, I can't find the user ID at the moment, but it was a guy out of CA.

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