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LZOC East- Hershey Swap Meet 2020


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Good News- the Lincoln Spring parts swap meet is back after a gap- so I was asked to post this on the club's website Forum for those who might not see it in TWOTZ magazine. (and better yet- Bob, could you add it to the Calendar tab on this Home page?  a big thanks!)  Mark your calendar to keep the dates open, and start digging out the parts you want to sell and developing a list of parts you want to buy.  It is usually a great mix of individuals selling their home extras at reasonable prices, and our club vendors selling a great selection of valuable parts, manuals, posters, photos, etc. for our Lincolns.  Nothing better than seeing parts with your own eyes and touching before you buy em.  If you can't get it here, or arrange early for the vendors to bring items you need to pickup there, you will probably learn where you can get more rare items you need  But just as much as getting parts I need, I like talking and eating with friends who know how to do things, how things work, hearing the stories, where to find stuff, Lincoln and club history, ........!!  And these are the guys to talk to also if you are looking to buy a Lincoln, because they know the values and have a lot of contacts/leads.  I am really looking forward to the Question and Answer Tech talk, because so many of these guys are expert hands-on that have done what we are trying to do, so their hints are a huge advantage.  A good shot-in-the-arm to get us moving so we have our cars ready when the nice weather hits!  Hope to meet you there!!  Paul


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I just found out the Meet was cancelled.  I originally had booked a three day stay through Travago at the Comfort Suites in Hersey only to find out the booking is non refundable. I was really looking for the trip as I am in the process of doing a motor swap and there were parts that I needed.


I have two choices either write off $300.08 Cdn funds or take the trip as a 3 day vacation. Seeing I am retired, that's what I attend to do.



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Check again with the hotel, most chains have changed their cancellation policies due to events cancelled because of the virus scare.


Here is Tavago's information link




Here is a link to Choice Hotels site about cancellations. The Comfort Suites is part of their chain.



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The hotel was not able to help me. They suggested I talk to the company that I had originally made the arrangements for this hotel . The company was called  Booking.com  and after speaking to one of there employees she said if I would hang on she would talk to the hotel. After a few  minutes I was told the hotel would be giving me a refund.


Thanks for the tip



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