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1954 Buick Info


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A friend of mine was looking at buying a 1954 Buick Roadmaster (so the ad said). I looks like it has a three tone paint job, and that he didn't think was correct. I looked in my Chilton's Motor Age Body and Frame Manual to check the paint codes, and did not find an exact match.

Here is the information from the data plate, any help is apreciated:

Model: 54-72R (1954, 72R?)

Style: 54-4715 (Did not find this in the manual)

Trim: 71

Paint: 13M (13=Willow Green, M=???)

Top: ACC (what does this mean??)

He figured it was two tone, but it had three colors. The roof was lighter than the Willow Green, maybe Ocean Mist? The lower area, below the side chrome was a dark green, and the rest of the car was Willow Green. Your help is appreciated!


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That dark green dot upholstery is available from SMS Auto Fabrics in Portland, Oregon. My '54 Century has that kind of cloth. Three-tone paint is not correct, to the best of my knowledge, for any 1954 Buick. For 1955--yes--but not 1954.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Ector, Texas

1954 Century 66-R

1956 Special 46-R

1950 Special 46-S

1924 roadster model 44

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