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Assuming you have the V6 and auto trans car rather than the 16 valve with 5 speed. 

First thing to do is make sure there is voltage at the battery, then follow the positive cable until each plug. When you find the plug that is first to show no power let us know. When you get to the junction box that goes from the engine compartment to the interior of the car be sure to check on both sides since that can get corroded and stop power from going into the car. You probably have a fusible link in the engine compartment wires that chose this time to give out.


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10 hours ago, andyb said:

car has been running fine.  just winterized etc.  parked car last night and this morning all power was off.  replaced battery but same result.  90 tc.



CHECK AGAIN! Something is pulling the battery down. Recharge battery FIRST.

THEN!  EVEN WHILE BATTERY IS CHARGING, with hood closed. (CAUTION) BE SURE YOU DO NOT CAUSE A SHORT.   Check reading lamps in rear view mirror and others like trunk not fully latched. Stand and look into car in darkened garage or outside at night. Do not touch car when you approach it, just look inside through closed door windows.

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