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Early transaxle cases.


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I have a lot of parts that I never inventoried yet.

I had an inquire for early 1913-1918 aluminum transaxle case.

I have two different ones but do not have any idea where they came from.

I found a picture of one of the two cases and want to identify these.



I also have some gears but not the second gliding gear.

When we get a nice 76 degree day I want to take pictures of these and put it on a webpage that my granddaughter started for me.

Any volunteers to help me sort through this mess?

Robert Kapteyn


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The case shown is for a 1916/17 car (series 17/18) as indicated by the two bosses for the rear brake rods.  There are corresponding mounting holes on the other side of the case.  The earlier cars did not have these bosses and used a different brake set up.

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