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Wanted 1968 Ford country squire


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I've found that searching Google images can be

helpful, but most of the results are extraneous:


---A few may be legitimate, current or near-current ads.

    I did buy a 1969 Cadillac through such a search.

    It led me to a recently ended Ebay auction, in which

    the car didn't sell, so I then phoned the owner.

---Some are of the right car, but the listings are very old.

    No one ever deleted the listings, so they are obsolete.

---Some listings are from companies--possibly not legitimate--

    that take others' listings and just repeat them.

---Some are of totally irrelevant matches--wrong year,

    even wrong make of car, etc:  Such as "why am I 

    seeing a picture of Princess Diana when I searched for

    1959 Mercuries?"


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