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100mm Rudge-Whitworth Wheels


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Trying to find either a single 100mm Rudge-Whitworth wire wheel or someone that can make one. Don't need the axle hub just the wheel center (or complete wire wheel) to complete a restoration. I had heard there was a shop in New Zealand (Gary Morton?) that had been making them but no longer exists. Any one know where I can find one or get it made??  Thanks!

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Try MWS Wire Wheel in Slough, England, near Heathrow Airport.  See http://mwsint.com . Talk to Gary Gardner, the owner.  He has wheel centers and rims, can drill the rims and centers, dimple them, and lace them up as you wish, can paint, powder coat, or plate as needed.  You need to be able to tell him the number of spokes, lacing pattern, and the wheel offset (puts the center of tire footprint near where the kingpin line intersects the road) .  The wheel centers are actually made by Wheels India, who bought the tooling, drawings, and licenses for the Dunlop/Rudge wheels many years ago, I don't know where the rims come from now but maybe also from Wheels India.  I bought a set of four 72 mm wheels with 18" drop-center rims, 72 spokes, triple laced, from him.  I went to the shop in England, took the tour, spoke to the people.  This is a first-class operation, quality products.


The other British vendors are Orson Equipment and Richards Brothers.  I think, however, that the 100 mm and 120 mm Rudge sizes were only used on American cars.


Wheels with 100 mm centers are for big cars.  What are you working on?  What rims do you need?



18" rim on Rudge 72 mm wheel center from MWS Wire Wheel.



Diagram of wheel centerline and kingpin axis at road surface to determine scrub radius - smallest scrub radius is best.



Dan, Gary Gardner, and me at MWS, Slough, England

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Try Coker tire - call them if you do not see anything on website = they make some surprising odd ducks and have good contact resources.  


Dayton Wire Wheel does nice work (they can respoke for you for sure) and does have access to certain rim parts and ... - ask for Gary Buckles (my guess though in your case a call will just be a next step in the chain).  

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