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If you live in Chicago and are bored this sat. night


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Hey guys, i dunno how many people on here are from Illinois but i thought i should let ya guys know, my band is gonna be playing at 8:30 Sat. night November 23rd at The Big Horse Lounge in chicago, if ya live near there and are bored stop in and see us, our band is called Chill, it's alternative type of music, so nothing to heavy, but if we do good at this show and bring in alot of people then we have a possibility of getting a show at the Metro, which would be cool, cause this might be our chance, cause if you ask anyone in music, they will tell you that chicago is probably the hardest place to become discovered and be signed to a major label, but come chack us out if you get the chance, or visit our website at Chillmusic.net


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