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This is simply a great survivor Packard that was maintained its entire life.  It starts easily, runs well, drives and shifts great, stops perfectly, cools and charges.  Everything correct under the hood.  All lights work and it is simply ready for use when you it shows up in your driveway, however I would put 4 new tires on it before motoring down the road.  Motor runs smooth, but is tired.  


Pictures should tell the story, where else can you get a Packard like this for this price?


$14,500 and located in my building in Smithfield, RI.  All pictures at link:




1927 Packard-2.jpg

1927 Packard-21.jpg

1927 Packard-4.jpg

1927 Packard-40.jpg

1927 Packard-24.jpg

1927 Packard-27.jpg

1927 Packard-52.jpg

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On 1/25/2020 at 10:42 PM, RVMC said:

Nice Packard Tom, I think I spoke to you about this car a couple of years ago, if this is the one, is this the Packard you had listed for a friend that was selling it?


Thanks, Mike




I listed it in the fall of 2019 for a client.  



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I love this car. I want this car. But it ain't gonna happen. Late last year, we began the process to refinance our house. We "could" lower our interest rate, cash out a bit, and still lower our monthly payments.  My wife even insisted that one of the few things we would do with the cash-out would be replace one of the antique cars we had sold. When this ad was first posted, I thought it would be a perfect replacement for a couple cars I had been forced by family needs to sell. But, things unraveled. And with all the upheavals in the world and economy, now it is not likely to happen. I still have its place on your website bookmarked.

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Outstanding original car! I appreciate just seeing it, and if I wasn’t working on a different dream machine... well let’s just say timing is everything, including bad timing.


Good luck, I would think it will have some interest.

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