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Carter wa1 to replace b&b


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Nice looking car.  Looks like the similar 217CID? engine Graham used in 38, my guess is custom intake manifold?  dual instead of single downdraft carburetor?  Too bad he don't have a Graham Supercharger he would be set...fuel mileage was a big deal in 1938 gas prices were crazy high


In the year 1938, the average retail price of gas in the U.S. was $0.20. This is equivalent to $3.49 in 2019 dollars.


1938 DeSoto S5 Drophead Limo

Image result for 1938 desoto

1938 Supercharged Graham engine


Image result for 1938 graham superchargerimage.png.da160ad8f22cbfbc3bbad32b6f5f66cf.png

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