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This bus was a long way from anywhere.  Alongside a grassy two-track trail.  I'm sure some logger used it as a place to warm up at lunch time in the winter.  Old busses were commonly fitted with a wood stove and remodeled into a logger's lunch shack and you run across them fairly often parked way back in the woods.  This one was pretty far back.  Michigan UP. 



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While riding a horse a hundred miles from Healy to Wonder Lake in 1974, I rode by this 1941 International in the Alaskan bush. Hunters used it at the time for shelter. It broke an axle in the 1960s(in connection with an antimony mining project) about 20 miles from the main highway.


By coincidence, it is the same bus on the cover of the Jon Krakauer book Into The Wild.



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My wife's cousins in central Kentucky had an old school bus, that they used to drive up into the farthest remote hills of KY, and used it for a camping vehicle. Later, they drove it home, and parked it there for decades. 


The cool thing about their old bus was the host of rattle snakes. No kidding...when they would encounter a rattlesnake during hunting trips, they would capture it alive, and turn it loose in that old camper. Then every so often they would release mice inside, for feed. People in the area knew about the old bus, and the snakes. The boys claimed that they kept all their valuables in that old bus....but for whatever reason, no one ever broke into it. They confessed to me personally that their valuables were stored elsewhere, but the ruse worked nicely for them. LOL

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