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Is this a 1920s Buick chassis? Please take a look

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If that were a Buick transmission, I believe it would say so on the side.  On the mid 20s' Buick, the engine is supported at 3 points.  At the front cross member, and the bell housing supports the back of the engine on each side.  The transmission is held up by the bell housing.  Without the bell housing, the transmission is only held by the torque ball and torque tube to the rear axle.  This appears to have a support for the transmission.  The rear axle design looks like a design used earlier than a 1925 by Buick.  That transmission is 2 halves, and in 1925, it had a steel rear axle cover on the rear like a conventional rear axle.

That chassis is also straight and does not have the "bump up" for the rear of the body, or the big steel plate at the back of the frame.   Photo is a 1925 Buick Standard.



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