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Winter pm main time, I am chasing a driveline issue and came across this fresh off

the shelf (saved for me 80 yrs)  It is cool, Lincoln did not service individual ring gear,

pinion or its pts, only as assembly  86h-4020  444:1  or 26h-4020 with higher ratio  

Part number has large "x" which I suppose indicates replacement    but little 

triangle looks like Dana Spicer logo...Did Ford make own differentials??? Obviously

Columbia was a different company  (Dana competition)  I live in Toledo Home of Dana Spicer.


86H 4020.JPG






s-l1600 (1).jpg



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Maybe Dana-Toledo did supply Ford the differential, and they bolted up the Cleveland-Columbia to it.  I have the same stamps on mine. So 4025 is the casting and 4020 is the assembly?  Where would our Zephyrs be without those Buckeyes!!


What became of Columbia, did it eventually evolve into Eaton Axle, now also in Beachwood/Cleveland?


Regarding a vibration when letting off the gas & coasting: maybe it's not the 2-speed/differential making a vibration- could it be the center or end torque tube bearings?  I don't know what the symptoms are for those bearings, don't even how to check the center one, it must be a bear to get out. 





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My pin in the rear axle coupler breaks in short time , so I've left left it out for last 10,000 miles, I suspect the worn used pinion 

 I installed spline was worn and this is the source----here are pics  I found on FORD BARN  (not mine!!!!)

 Mine was worn , functional not chewed up like this....but for it to be loose enough to shear the pin 

gives me reason to suspect...Fix the obvious and inspect along the way....

--Paul, I also wonder about the driveshaft center bearing...




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As a result of this thread discussion, and then surfing, I ran across a "Some Historical Notes on the Columbia 2-Speed Axles" by the late great David Cole which I had never seen.  Not sure the year, but this 9 page article was in one of the The Early Ford V-8 Club publications.  First versions of the 2-speed installed in Auburn-Cords in 1932 before the Fords in 1934, and then Lincoln Zephyrs.  A great history of the Columbia Dave put together that any Columbia owner may want to read!   



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