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It used to be that a P/Trac differential case assembly would go in the same place as the open differential case assembly, but it seems that when we tried to put the P/Trac case in some of the car rear axles after '77 year model, the P/Trac assembly physically would not fit inside of the non-P/T axle housing. It sounded wierd, but that's what happened in our shop. Usually, this is not the case as there is typically only one axle housing center casting that accomodates both open and limited slip "guts".

Also, be aware that each rear axle differential case has a specific gear ratio spread that it works with. This relates to the total build thickness of the mounting flange for the ring gear and the ring gear itself. The pinion gear is fixed as to where it is, but the total thickness of the ring gear and the mounting flange it bolts to can vary with gear ratio. The aftermarket gear vendors will add a spacer plate to their gear sets to keep the build thickness to where it needs to be, but in the OEM production end of things, the mounting flange itself is where the total thickness is changed without using a spacer to do the same thing.

Therefore, you'll need to know what axle ratio you have to make sure you get the correct limited slip unit. The gear teeth combination is usually stamped on the outer edge of the ring gear. For example 30T-10T would be 30 teeth on the ring gear and 10 teeth on the pinion, for a gear ratio of 3.00.



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