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1937 and 1938-42 President engine and clutch parts wanted


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I thought I had pasted some text in the previous post, but it disappeared.  Here is the list of parts I am looking for:


177339  Yoke, clutch release, used on 1934-37 Presidents and 1934-35 Commander 8’s.

189255  Shaft, clutch release  [Note:  1934-46 parts book has this wrong, doesn’t show part for LHC cars; 1929-40 book shows it correct.]

191231  Cover, valve spring (rear) used on 1938-42 Presidents (4C-8C)

191227  Tube, engine breather used on 1938-42 Presidents

191233  Screw, to valve cover  3/8-16 x 5-7/8 used n 1938-42 Presidents (4C-8C)


The Cover, Tube, and Screw are circled in the diagram above.  The parts catalogs don't have good drawings of the yoke and shaft, but the shaft is mostly a straight, round shaft with a couple of keyways in it, the yoke has two fingers, slides onto the shaft.


I guess I should call the factory and have them correct the error in the parts catalog...

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I said I may have the yoke.

Have to find it , it was in my computer list but sometimes I sell something

and forget to write it off.

I am not going to the warehouse until next week when it warms up a little.

I have several 250 engines , one is 1931 one 1932 and one 1933 which is in sad shape .

I still have not inventoried the straight eight bearings.

waiting for a nice 76 degree sunny day.

It cost more to heat that huge building than I sell in a month.

I have a number of clutch release shafts with no parts numbers so if anyone has a picture of 189255 , I can compare with what I have.

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