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1933 Buick series 60 sedan


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I knew a man who used electric cable driven wipers from a 60's or 70's Jaguar to put excellent electric wipers on a 1937 Packard.  Motor under the dash, cables up the "A" pillar and across  the top of the windshield.

Nice looking street rod.

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Ok got both wipers working great but the passenger side wiper motor parks straight up and down rather than to the right like it was. Anyone have any information on how to change the park position? I was thinking maybe just repositioning the arm when in the park position but not sure if that would work. Thanks Allen

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Allen, that can't work if the current sweep is correct. But don't worry, help will come here from the guys who have experience with this. i have been wondering what the drive train conversion is in your '33. I have a particular fondness for '33 Bu', as I took my first car ride in one. That was back in July of '44. I do vaguely remember the black car from 3 years later.    -    Carl  

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