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1975 Cadillac owners manual


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I have for sale as a complete package:

1 1975 “Cadillac owners manual” 96 pages

1 Good Year Steel Belted Radial Tire “Owners Guide”

1 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood 9-passenger Sedan Fleetwood Limousine “Consumer Information booklet (part No. 160 8035)

1 1975 Cadillac Maintenance Schedule (part no. 160 6851 (B) )

1 GM “Snow Traction Performance Certificate.

1 brown vinyl case 9” by 5 1/8” for all the above.

All are as if brand new never been opened. Also included

1 Your New Cadillac and Clean Air (part No. 1604158). 1 page one side with printing 1/2” wider than the rest so is creased, wrinkled and torn where it was folded around the other pieces in the case.

All offers considered. Shipping wrapping will be charged at cost from V8P 3Z3. Pictures could be available

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