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Electric Cooling Fan

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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. There is not a specific category on the AACA Judging Sheet for an incorrect electric fan. As such, it would be up the the Engine Judge's judgment, perhaps in consultation with the Team Captain. There are a number of other inauthentic items that are specifically declared subject to a 10 point mandatory deduction on the judging sheet. The fan you are talking about is not mentioned as such but it would certainly be similar so a judge might reasonably decide to take a similar deduction. Under the Judging guidelines, no judge can tell you exactly how many points are deducted for anything on your car, so there is not way to specifically determine how many points that you have lost for any particular item when it is judged. I will say that if I saw an aftermarket fan on such a vehicle, it would probably make me look very closely at that car for other incorrect items that might result in other deductions. I would encourage you to properly repair your cooling system on your 1948 Oldsmobile instead of adding an aftermarket fan if you plan to have it judged in AACA.   

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My worry would be more about why the cooling system isn't working more than the points I'm going to lose for having an electric fan.  Often gauges are incorrect especially in this era of car (I've sold alot of NOS GM gauges from this era and they often came with needles bent from poor handling so the calibration is most likely not at all accurate)so people assume the car is running hot.  My Hudson says 3/4 all the time and it's 153 at the Tstat housing with a non contact Thermometer.   I would check that first and see if it's really running hot.  If you are worried about points then it sounds like a really nice car worth the effort to make it right.  Good luck. 

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