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Pitman arm on chev

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I am trying to get the pitman arm off the steering shaft, by using a puller and penetrating oil, BUT it does not want to come off shaft. This is a 1929 chevrolet,  and the aim is to take pitman arm off, turn steering wheel 180 degrees, and put back on. This will take the movement out of steering wheel.  Phil

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Puting pressure on puller, using wd40 to penetrate, and not wanting to damage. There is no pins, bolts or other impediments,  seems like it should just slide off. I did the clutch peddle recently, and with the puller and a pinch bar to lever, the clutch,brake pedals came off quite easy, but not this pitman. 



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WD-40 will not be your best choice to loosen a joint.

Do you have a "down under " equivalent to PB Blaster ?

If not, Google the best solution for the job.

In any case, wire brush the spline and put your puller on as tight as you can, spray the joint and go have a beer.....

Come back in the morning and tighten up the puller, spray it again and have another beer.....

When it's under a lot of tension, you could rap the pitman with a hammer to shock the joint.

Just don't beat the crap out of it.

Eventually it will come loose.

An acetylene wrench is your LAST option, and you will ruin the forging, but you already knew that.

Patience is the key here.


Mike in Colorado


PS; Attached is a "break loose" chart from the CCCA web site.

       The MOST effective solution is 50/50 ATF and Acetone and BY FAR............


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