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1983 Riviera convertible floor pan and underside finish and color

Johnny Buick

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Hello Everyone 

Happy New Year to you and your families and greetings from a very cold Sioux Falls South Dakota.

I am currently working a 1983 Buick Rivera Convertible, which I recovered from New Jersey last year. It is a flood survivor from Hurricane Sandy. There is quite a bit of work to do on it and fortunately I have had the benefit of two donor cars to get this work to happen. I am currently cleaning the floor pans, (inside and underneath), and I am trying to work out what the finish on the car was originally on these parts. I am told that GM used an under sealer, (body Shultz) and then it was painted with what? When I removed the gas tank the paint on the above floor pan was a "silvery/gray" color and looked to be in very good original condition. The inside of the car looked similar in places under the carpet. I have looked through my car manuals for this car and it mentions using Acme Gravel Guard #559 which I can't find online and/or Tuff-Kote #1077 which seems to be a gray rust prevention paint?  Can anyone shed light on what the finishes were and the color for a 1983 Riviera?

Thank you



ROA #14353

BCA #46404

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I think the color you see is the same as the floor of my '86 Park Ave convertible. The underside of the floor pan is the same. The paint on the modified parts is a good match, like the added reinforcement bar shown.

If I repainted or touched up mine I would,first, check for Valspar satin polyurethane in a silver gray. I use the satin black for undercarriage parts and the look is great.


This picture was taken when I was replacing a nylon window track roller, highly recommend doing it now, no matter how good they look, very frustrating, hard to get at, and I stepped on my glasses just to add a couple hundred bucks to the job.




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Hello Bernie

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my request and for your comments. What you are saying matches up with what I have on the 1983 Riviera and I will take your advice on the paint description. 

Thank you once again and good luck with your projects.



ROA # 14353

BCA # 46404.

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You need to be attending the ROA meets where you'll have a chance to inspect other convertibles, take some pictures home, and talk to their owners.  😎   Not saying you shouldn't go to the BCA meets, but I'm betting there are a few more Riviera convertibles at the ROA meets.  It will be an easy drive for you this year.  See you there?



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