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parts interchangeability on brake shoes

Brooklyn Beer

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 I have a 53 Cranbrook and am curious if anyone can tell me what other 10 inch shoes from other year Chrysler products would fit.  Parts geek has shoes for a 50-53 Chrysler for 35.00 bucks (4 shoes) but nothing for a 53 Plymouth. And everyone else seems to think 4 shoes for a 53 Plymouth are made from gold in comparison.

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I have to dissent about the modern linings. I tried some non-asbestos shoes in the 90s during the last years of a car that i had put a LOT of road miles on. The were far superior to any of the asbestos linings I had on the same car (several sets). The pedal was more solid, they were more controllable, they had more stopping power AND even a little more fade resistance. The difference was pretty astounding. I default to non-asbestos now whenever possible. I probably wont ever use asbestos again unless I run into some car the modern stuff just won't work on.


They did have the annoying property of expanding a little bit when you break them in. If you don't know that, and you don't break them in, you can wind up with the wheels locked and unable to drive the first time the brakes get hot. I had already heard the horror stories and accounted for it when I broke them in.


If you cant come up with off the shelf shoes at a price you can live with, why not send your shoes and drums out to some specialist and have them relined and fit to the drums? Fitting to the drums also makes a huge difference in performance. Brake and Equipment (of Minneapolis) and Brake and Clutch (of Seattle) are a couple of shops that come to mind. You could probably even choose the properties of the lining.


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We will agree to disagree then🙂

I have done many vintage car brake jobs...a lot of modern linings can be grabby or not so...

The late 30's thru mid 50's  MoPars with lockheed brakes have some special brake adjustment requirements...Ammco 1750 or Miller MT19 tools and a shoe arcer which I use on all the brake jobs....a must to make the brakes right from the start.

Most of todays modern linings on the Lockheed type shoes don't give a safe feeling when stopping and are weak at best under. Can be grabby upon 1st few stops and after heating up too soft and weak under hard braking.


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  Sorry, on this one you are incorrect.

   If you take 1 1/2 seconds to simply FEEL nice soft ++ Asbestos ++ as opposed to this new garbage friction coefficient, you will be an expert on the subject.

   ++ Asbestos ++ is the the only smoooooothest softest braking material that real cars stop with adequately....

    I purposely have thousands of sets, and am always buying more -- because everyone in the know begs me to find it -- in the G M world, in the MOPAR world, in the Ford world, in the Studebaker world.... You get the idea.  And there isn't enough ++ Asbestos ++ in brake shoes to make all the environmental morons gripe like idiots -- but they will automatically...

     The gospel.        Yours, Craig.

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