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Using 12 volt Battery pak to run CB and GPS


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17 hours ago, maok said:

You were faster than an electron...😁



Electrons are not very fast. An electron in copper wire with a cross section area of .5 square millimeters, with 5 amps running through it, only goes 0.735 millimeters per second.




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If you are running just the GPS you should get a full day (say 6 hours) out of it.

If you run the CB alone and leave it in receive only you should also be good for

most of the day. If you do any transmitting you will likely run the battery down

in an hour or so. Running both at the same time is not likely to last long. Give it

a test and see what you get.


The suggestions for computing your amp hour use are good. I really like the step up transformer

suggestion, especially if you intend to use the radio and GPS often.


I bring one of those 12 volt jumper batteries along just to run my cell phone or

a GPS on some occasions. I only plug in as needed.

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I posed this same topic a week or two ago and want to power cell phone or two, a Bluetooth speaker that I am going to mount up under the dash and “maybe” some 12V lights in my Trippe Speed Lights so I can have some REAL light output should I be caught returning home late at night w the 27-27!


Ive been doing a ton of research I “think” I am going to install a second battery box/tray and instead of running one 6V battery that’s full sized I am going to go w TWO 6V Optima batteries in each battery box/tray and run two of the 6V Optima batteries in series that will keep the output 6V but double the amperage output and run the second two (theses will be deep cycle) in parallel that will make them then run at 12V to power and run my 12V Trippe Lights (yes I’ll put high output LEDs in them) That way the car can be happy and run off 6V but I’ll have 12V power on tap “just in case” I need to run in the dark on a twisty backroad, plenty of deer and crackheads/pill zombies on the side of the roads around these parts unfortunately!!🤦🏼‍♂️)


Ill charge the 12V side of things before I leave and keep a small solar panel charge to lay on the seat in the sun or behind the car if we are at a car show that I can have a battery tender style plug that’s easy to stow out of sight and plug up when I need it to top off those 12V batteries by the power of the sun when we are at a show!


Yes I want the car to appear to the layperson to be in stock form, No I am not going for points at Hershey and by running this set up I am not actually modifying the car and it’s totally reversible within 15-20 minutes if I wanted to remove the 12V side of things!


The 6V side of things will run the car, a step up converter for the cell and Bluetooth speaker and the batteries will be charged by the car.  Again the 12C will run independently of the car charging system and be deep cycle batteries that I’ll charge up before a trip and maintain by the solar panel if needed at a show..... 


I don’t think I have the balls to try to have the stock generator charge the 6V system or the two 6V deep cycle optima batteries that are wired parallel (created again 12v output) and have both systems be charged by the car!!!

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9 hours ago, maok said:

You have the parellel and series the wrong way.


6v and 6v in series ADDs the voltage so = 12volts.


6v and 6v in parallel adds the amps, so still 6 volts but twice the amp hours.

correct, sorry about that!  What’s your thoughts on it?

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If you wish to go this way, you are probably over killing it.


I would just use one 6 volt (Optima if you like) to run the car and a single 12 volt deep cycle battery to run your 12v accessories.

Keep it simple as possible.

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Buy a motorcycle gel cell battery, and hide it where ever it’s convenient.........run a battery tender plug to it........plug it in when you get home. Works fine, no acid, no transformers, no fire danger.........and you can buy a battery to just handle what you need, which means it will be smaller. Get a oversized one, and you can charge your laptop, tablet, and phone. 

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Or buy a 7AH sealed battery, about $32, used for PC UPS, home alarm backup, and gate openers.  Add to this a cigar lighter adapter (mine is Radio Shack, so you know how old it is), and remove the alligator clips and solder on female push on terminals.  I use a plastic coffee can to hold the battery, and place the can behind the floor shift.  Can be easily moved car to car, irrespective of car's ground.  Ten years of experience tells me a full charge (12.6V) will give you about four days of touring before you have to recharge the battery.


EDIT:  I just found the photos that I couldn't find a few minutes ago, and they are attached.  If you're a PAS member, you'll soon find an article on this and other solutions in a near-future PAS Service Bulletin





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1 minute ago, Morgan Wright said:


Still a few. I inherited (took) my father's CB radio when he died in 2016. Tried it and there was the occasional joker out there.


Is it useful enough that you need to modify a 6V car in order to power it? That was the gist of my question.

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All valuable and appreciated info and input!


Does anyone know off hand how many amps a car like mine (1927 Model 27 “Standard”) puts out Vs how many amps it uses to run the car, taillight, cowl lights, and headlights?  I am going to run a jumper so the cowl lights stay on when I turn on the headlights so included both the cowl lights and headlights together in my question.  I like the look of both being on.... 

I know why they weren’t on together however those days and laws are long gone so I think it looks better with both on!


I can use a multi meter to check the amperage when putting more and more load on the charging system however if anyone knows this info that would be great!!  AND appreciated!


^Any of these additions I am considering, such as turn signals, cell phone, dash cam, additional battery tray/box with appropriate wiring, will all be self contained and VERY easily returned to stock/factory form so no permanent modifications will done on the car!!!

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When travelling and/or touring with a group, all or most of whom have CB radios, the conversations can range from informative to hilarious.

We've spent thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of miles over the years CB-ing with friends,

but by scanning the frequencies, it is always wise to find a locally and relatively unused channel - lest you incur some very colorful responses from some who feel they "own" certain channels. Back in the 1970s, there was ample assistance and a good deal of friendly conversation - but that was 45-50 years ago!

Some things change, but travelling friends can still use Citizens' Band effectively.

"Bayou Babe and Bayou Lady" packed up their base station, as well as the mobile units - even the one on the old riding lawn mower they used back when they had acreage in Central Virginia.

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