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I picked up this from Ebay as a curiosity hoping it may have some info pertaining to my cars. I would like to know WHO produced this compilation? There is no indication of where this was produced. Just copies of the magazine articles with id of the original periodical publishing at the tops of the page. I.e. Automotive Industries, MoToR, Saturday Evening Post, Automobile Trade Journal and Motor Age.

Since this was Vol.1#2 July-December 1965, I would assume there was a Vol. 1#1 and possibly others.



22 pages. Mostly articles and ads of 1926 product line. (I would love to see the same article done for the 1925 models) the technical articles from "MoToR"  for 1920 cars as well as spec sheets on all models from 1903-1942. There are also ads from national magazines for 1933 1934 and 1935. An article showing photos of a1904 Model B, 1910 Model 16, 1906 Model D and 1912 model 43. Some photos I have not seen before.

 Anyone have other issues?

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