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Exhaust (complete kit) Buick super 1949


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Many thanks

what is the difference between aluminum and stainless steel? Performance wise? 
my car is Buick super 1949 straight 8

displacemnt is 248 ci    Correct?

steel clamps ? How many? 
questions in photo , I couldn’t give right answer


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Look at the original hangars and find ones that replicate them.  You might be able to clean up and reuse the originals.  I've found rubber for industrial belting that I used to make pieces that replicate the originals.


You said that you checked the website and couldnt find anything for a Buick.

Where do you think I found the picture that I posted? 🤔  😁


The biggest difference is the cost.  Stainless won't rust, and will give a different sound. You won't be replacing a stainless system in your lifetime.

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