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1956 Super 2-dr. outside door handles

Pete Phillips

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I am getting a quick education on mid-1950s Buick outer door handles. Not only are the Special/Century ones completely different from the Super/Roadmaster ones, but the 4-dr. Supers and Roadmasters have different handles and different body contours from the 2-door handles. Am in need of left and right outer door handles for a '56 Super convertible. I"m going to assume they are the same as the 2-dr. hardtop Super & Roadmaster ones. Have plenty of wrong ones to trade! Have NOS 4-dr. front and rear door handles; have NOS 2-dr. Special/Century door handles, but no 2-dr. Super door handles. Can anyone help or want to trade? Will buy outright if need be. These have the keyhole in the plunger, not down separately below.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX


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Thank you, that sounds very fair. I would like to be sure they fit before buying them, so thank you very much and let's do this. Will send them back if they don't fit. The part of it that contacts the sheet metal of the door is almost flat, not diagonal.

Shop address is:

Pete Phillips

301 N. Center St.

Bonham, TX 75418

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