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President Brake Drums.

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I have a complete set of 15" drums, shoes, backing plates, small parts, etc. from a 1929 President.  Very heavy stuff to ship to Australia from Boston, Mass. area, but can be done.  Yours for $350 plus shipping.  It may require special heat-treated plywood crating to go to Australia.  Normal minimum charge for sea freight is for 1 cubic meter volume, haven't found a way to beat that.  These are older photos, drums are removed from wood wheels and hubs.


1929 brake drum wheel.jpg

1929 brake drum inside.jpg

1929 brake drum backing plate & shoes.jpg

1929 brake drum dimensions.jpg

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Gary Ash, unfortunately your drums are not suitable as my car has wire wheels. which I didn't think to mention. As for shipping to Australia, I just need them shipped to Anaheim. The condition of your drums is  exactly  what I want. So if anyone has a pair of 29 FE FH front brake drums for a wire wheel President and can have them shipped to Anaheim at a reasonable price. I am interested.

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Is this drum only used on wire wheel 1929/30 Presidents or Commanders as well.

Are they 15" inside diameter. What is the shoes width.

I will measure some of the drums like that when the weather warms up.

Robert Kapteyn

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