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1941 Buick rear carb. Stromberg

Teddy Ty

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We have a 1941 Buick which we are trying to keep original. We have a problem with the rear carb.

It needs the throttle shaft, plates and screws.

The numbers on it are  7-43A    AA-1   382260   R7

Are these parts available?

Do these parts from any other carb interchange?

Can any other parts be made to fit?

I have great faith that somebody out there will know the answers...

Please help,   Ted

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The throttle shaft and throttle plates are unique to some of the rear carbs used on the compound carburetor.


The screws are the standard Stromberg 6/32 oval head brass screw.


If you do not find the shaft and plates, I have a rebuilt 7-43 available.



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