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51 Checker,$500

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Closer to 1971 I suspect. Nothing says "I don't have the title" quite as loudly as advertising a car with an incorrect model year.


The ad lists the title as clear. It also lists the transmission as manual, and then says in the description that it is automatic. Pictures clearly show an automatic shifter. Engine is listed as a Chevrolet. Checker cabs and sedans had Continental sixes until the mid 60s, when they switched to Chevrolet. It sure makes you wonder if he even has the car, or just the pictures.


It probably is worth the $500. One should do their homework to understand exactly what is for sale, and verify that the car matches the paperwork (if any exists).


Family friends had a Checker when I was growing up. It was from the time when Checker tried to market to the general public. It was bought new, and had never been a cab (they still have it!). I don't recall the model year but roughly 1964-66. I have to say, that dashboard looks extremely familiar to me. So does the giant Checker emblem on the horn button. Also the jump seats. I think it had a bakelite steering wheel though, and the one in the advertised car looks like it might be made of 1970s gooey foam.



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I it a 1965 to 1967 model.


As others have stated, Checker started to use the Chevrolet engine starting in 1965.  1968 & newer models have side marker lights on the outside, padded steering wheel, and seat belts.



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There's a guy local to me who has a Checker Marathon station wagon that appeals to me in a big way.


I think you could have a lot of fun with a car like this that doesn't cost much money. Some parts very hard to find, I suppose, but it wouldn't be tough to make it run and drive, give it a quickie yellow paint job with some decals, and go have some fun!

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