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Recent built 1928 Chevy, Oak Body, BUS / RV

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I don't know if anybody here at AACA is interested in seeing  a Bus, Camper, RV,  Recently built out of a 1928 Chevrolet flatbed Truck.....  Instead of using wood for the framework as they did back in the 1920's...... I used thin-wall tubular steel.  I wanted it to be safe on the freeways, easy to get parts for, and be able to pull some weight, while traveling from Canada to the southwest..... I also really like the vintage body styles... with the sweeping fenders, big headlights... they are so Beautiful ......

This Bus was built outside in the desert of Arizona, during the Winter months... I have No Shop, and used a portable 5,500 watt Generator, and a wire-fed Mig welder.......  I dismantled the original 1928 chevrolet truck body... sandblasted the sheet metal, spray painted it outside on a windless day after wetting down the ground, (to keep dust down)....  I had to cut/splice/box and stretch,  the original Frame.... fabricate engine and transmission mounts.

I used a 1985 Chevrolet 4.3L Vortex V6 engine (fit nicely under that small hood, with plenty of power)...... 5 speed transmission....... 3/4 ton chevy rear end... I planed and created tongue & grooves on the white Oak boards and secured them to the steel framework with sheet metal screws...... I rebuilt all the wooden Hickory wheel spokes........ I created the cowl with scrap sheet metal, used two original, opening windshields, side by side.... and welded two visors to make one long one... mounted the original truck doors..... We (my wife & myself), made 20 oak framed, stained glass windows, and 4 arrow turn signal lens.... It had skylights, solar powered electricity, propane 4 burner stove with oven, 2 way (under the counter) Fridge, queen sized Bed and carried 50 gallons of potable running water to the Kitchen sink........  The driver, (ME)... sat on a bench seat up front of a woven willow divider wall.

It took 3 months to build, cost $8,000 in total materials.... and we traveled 14,800 miles in it over a period of living in it for 3 years ....... I sold it for $45,000 to a man, retiring, who also lived and traveled in it, before selling it......       It now it lives in a Chevrolet museum in Florida .... I just want to inspire people to bring back to Life and enjoy using,  these old vehicles.... and if you do most the work yourself.. you don't need to invest a large amount of money.    If you have a low income, don't let that stop you from buying an old vehicle, and as the parts are found at a reasonable price, you can bring it back to life... they are built so simple, they are not hard to figure out.... no need to restore one to original running condition... you can find lots of low mileage engines and running gear parts, at the wrecking yards.... pre-computers,  pre 1985...... this does not need to be a rich man's hobby....🙄 

Now a true Restoration, back to original, show room condition... this is another story.....that is a Rich man's hobby......


bus 1 001 (3).jpg

bus 2 001 (2).jpg

bus 3 001 (2).jpg

bus wood 1 001 (2).jpg

bus wood 2 001 (2).jpg

bus engine 001 (2).jpg

bus interior 1 001 (2).jpg

bus interior 2 001 (2).jpg

bus front 001 (2).jpg

bus side ## 001 (2).jpg

sepia bus front 002 (2).jpg

sepia bus front 001 (2).jpg

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That is very impressive-

thank you for sharing


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