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saxon motor co engine


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I may have a chance to get a saxon motor co engine. I was wonderong if there is anyone that may have any interest in it? I have not seen it yet but if I don,t get it , it may go to the junk yard. What would it be worth , I have not found out a price. I hate to see a piece of history go to junk.

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Guest FordPiet

Recently one went for a case of beer. I gave them the beer to keep it from going to the scrap heap. You can search the forum for Saxon and find those posting. This engine was rusty and would need a total rebuild, but I just hate to see things get junked. The Henry Ford Museum has a 1915 or so Saxon on display. From memory, I think Saxon was the number 10 auto maker in the USA in 1915 or there abouts. But when I searched the Internet, I found there was less activity for Saxons than the 1906-08 Ford N, R, & S that I am tracking down info on. Hap 1915 Ford cut off (1907 Model S Runabout in my Dad's garage)

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