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Has anyone seen/heard/experienced/driven a Lanchester?

Jeff Perkins / Mn

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1 hour ago, 8E45E said:

Its basically an entry-level Daimler as Lanchester was owned by BSA at the time, along with Daimler.


Yes, my Standard Catalog of Import Automobiles indicated this car became the Daimler Conquest in subsequent years.

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Best entry level to understand the remarkable Dr Lanchester, his cars, and other aspects of his life's work is 'Automobile Design:  Great Designers and Their Work' . (editors Barker  and Harding) .  Each chapter was contributed by someone with specialized knowledge and interest.  If you cannot find what you want at a good price on the internet, send me a PM, and I will guide you.   For goodness sake,  read the whole book and treasure it.  Otherwise you will not know about the Bollees of Le Mans, or Hans Ledwinka.

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Ivan, thank you for that information.  I have started selling off many of my books and was not going to buy any more.  Now I have to buy one more.  I have always enjoyed and looked foreward your posts.

I have just ordered the book from England through Abe Books for ( $9.90).

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On 1/15/2020 at 12:00 PM, Ivan Saxton said:

'Automobile Design:  Great Designers and Their Work'

Ivan, my book arrived today from England and I have already skimmed several chapters. Very interesting reading and written/published long enough ago that I would assume most/all the information is accurate.  The problem today with new books is that their sources are second, third, forth hand and inaccuracies are often compounded.  Thank you for the suggestion about buying this book.

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