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Betsy Blue comes to life

Greg Ross

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Padgett came down to Houma here today for the "Start-up"

Starter (new) had to be shimmed to get it to engage-

Ran rough and had an objectional noise, let it warm up-

Had forgotten to put fluid in the power Steering Pump, went and got fluid-

Thought the noise we were hearing was coming from the Clutch, then started with the 'Basics" and started pulling Ignition Wires. Found one not having any affect and determined two wires on the back bank were reversed-

Now we're getting somewhere, but

the cluthch is not working. That's a project for tomorrow.

The new 3800 sounds great, I'm pleased and

Thanks to Padgett Peterson for his help tonight. He blew a coulpe of PROMS to address ECM codes while we were at it. grin.gif

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Thanks for the update. Good to hear the engine is in, running and sounds good. Great that Padgett could be there for the startup, PROM help etc.

Good Luck with the clutch today. laugh.gif

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Wish we could have driven it but was just not to be. Can confirm that the flywheeled "L" engine with the Crane cam really sounded great once the ignition was straightened out.

That said I never cease to be amazed at how well the computer controlled engines can hide problems. With two plug wires swapped it actually ran and idled and did not sound that bad though the vastly upgraded ignition system prolly had something to do with it. With the plug wires in proper position it idled smoothly yet the revs would snap up like a race engine.

This is a continuing project. One bothersome glitch was the speedo reading 125 mph at 1500 rpm (wheels were off ground) though the rest of the dash seems to be functioning properly. I did remove the speed related fuel cut off so it shouldn't care if the driver doesn't.

BTW drive back to NOLA was "interesting", last time I saw fog that bad was climbing the mountain outside Goleta. Fortunately I have really good headlamps.

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